Parade Participation Rules, Regulations & Conditions

Please follow these guidelines, as they ensure everyone has a safe and fun time.


Candy and Giveaway Items: For safety, please gently distribute candy or novelty items to the crowds while walking along the curb. Please do not toss anything from floats or moving vehicles.


Decorations and Costumes: Please ensure that your costumes and decorations reflect our patriotic theme. This event is to honor our military veterans and all who have served. Therefore, we ask that you show the utmost respect toward them in your décor. Our parade’s colors are red, white, and blue.


Alcohol Consumption: This activity is strictly prohibited.


Equestrian Units: Please ensure that your animals are properly diapered and/or provide your own clean-up detail, including bags and shovels.


Floats/Motorized Units: Participating vehicles must be appropriately decorated as per the parade’s theme. Please advise on the application form if you will have music on your float. Drivers must remain in the vehicles at all times.


Sound: Please note any use of amplified sounds on the application form. This will allow us to appropriately line up all units for everyone’s enjoyment. Please refrain from honking vehicle horns or sirens, or using air horns. This may detract from another unit’s performance.


Reviewing Stand: Units are limited to two minutes in front of the reviewing stand to perform (if desired).

Vendors: All vendors must receive permits prior to the day of the parade. Please contact the Niagara Falls City Clerk at 716.286.4396 for more information.


Parking: Please look for designated parking areas the day of the parade.


Parade Marshals and Volunteers: Volunteers will be identified by high visibility vests.


Staging Area: All units must be in the staging area in City Market parking lot no later than 8:30 am. There will be a registration table in front of the Cadille American Legion Post, 752 E. Market Street (in City Market). This is where you will register and receive your unit’s line-up number. Please note that anyone arrives after 9:30 am will be placed at the end of the parade. The parade will go on rain or shine.


All parade application forms must be received by May 7, 2016.